About Us

     The year was 1949 and a young Cindia Jackson started working at the tender age of 12 as a waitress with her mother, who was a cook.  To pass the time, she took a special interest in  the coffee.  She thought it would be fun to add some sweetness to the many pots she brewed.  She would delight in surprising the customers by adding vanilla, maple syrup, or honey to the coffee.  The customers enjoyed her creations and would indulge her playfulness.

     As time went by it became her passion.  Cindia was a true coffee flavoring innovator for her time.  This began the line of coffee now available in hundreds of flavors.

     Jump to 2007 when her son opened the first Cindia Jackson Coffee Shop in Merrimack New Hampshire, and has been creating delicious coffee ever since.  Cindia Jackson Coffee is all processed by hand into bagged coffee, K-cups, Perfect Pots and Fracs.  Our coffee is available in so many combinations there is something for everyone to enjoy.  If you like Dark Roast, we can create that in any flavor, or if you are a decaf drinker then any flavor and be processed as decaf, or even half caff.  Our most popular is our medium roast and if you prefer unflavored coffee then you may try  ” I Just Want Regular Coffee” .  Whatever your favorite flavors are we know you will enjoy, cup after cup.

      We are still located in Merrimack New Hampshire and would welcome you to visit our store where you can mix and match any flavors you choose.