Booze Brew


reminiscent of the liqueur made from almonds

Amaretto Mochachino            

almonds, coffee and chocolate

Banana foster                     

rum, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream and banana liqueur

blackberry brandy                 

reminiscent of the liqueur

bourbon pecan torte              

rich, sweet nutty torte with light bourbon topnotes

brandy alexander                  

distilled wine, chocolate liqueur and cream


butter rum                          

a pleasing flavor on a cold winter day

chocolate rum truffle            

creamy chocolate with a hint of rum


cinnamon rum pecan             

nutty run flavors with notes of cinnamon

cinnamon toddy                   

a slight fruity vanilla topped with rum and cinnamon

coconut cordial                    

coconut wiith hints of cherry


raspberries soaked in rum


creme de menthe, creme de cacoa with cream

irish cream                         

Reminiscent of the liqueur


jamaican me crazy                

island blend amof kahlua, caramel and vanilla

jazzy java                           

pleasing combination of cinnamon, rum, pecan with a secret touch

kahlua -mexicali                   

like the mexican coffee/chocolate liquor

kahlua cream                       

Like the mexican coffee/ chocolate liquor with cream


lots of chocolate with coffee liquor

peach brandy                       

peach flavor with brandy notes

pina colada                         

tropical flavors with coconut creme, pineapple and rum

scotch mist                         

traditional scottish drink with whiskey and lemon garnish


 jD’s bourbon whiskey flavor

white russian       

reminiscent of coffee liqueur with a kick of vodka