Holiday Brew

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heavenly roasted almonds with slight citrus overtones


angel’s kiss                        

sweet coconut and milk chocolate blend with a hint of hazelnut


blustery blueberry blizzard     

blueberries and cream


candy cane                        

vanilla and peppermint


christmas carol-mel             

sweet apple and caramel


christmas cookie                 

irish cream and rich chocolate


cinnamon snowflake             

rich custard laced with dashes of cinnamon


donner & blitzen’s               

blueberry  cream cheesecake


egg nog                            

a little bit of cream, a little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of nutmeg


gingerbread biscotti             

like an old fashioned gingerbread cookie


gingerbread house               

all the flavors of a holiday tradition


holiday blend                       

dark chocolate, vanilla and spices


holiday bread pudding           

like the holiday favorite


iced gingerbread cookie        

like a cookie with icing


it’s a wonderful spice          

spice blend with hot cinnamon


it’s snow good                   

coconut cream and vanilla


jack frost-ing                    

extra strong vanilla



Pecan hazelnut Almond with Caramel Cream


Mrs. claus french toast          

apple cinnamon french toast



a blend of vanilla, hazelnut, chestnut and notes of cinnamon


nuttin for christmas             

a smooth buttery nut blend


peppermint stick                 

peppermint and vanilla


pumpkin muffin                   

pumpkin spice in a warm cinnamon muffin


pumpkin spice                     

a warm holiday blend of spice and pumpkin pie


reindeer drool                    

caramel sweetness galore


reindeer trax                     

chocolate, nuts, a splash of rum and more chocolate


reindeer xing                     

drivers beware chocolate, nuts and rum


silver & gold                     

warm vanilla and light caramel



white chocolate, creamy coconut, butterscotch and topped with almonds



berries a plenty over white chocolate



white chocolate and coconut flakes


sugar cookie                      

buttery sugar cookie


toasted chestnut                 

chestnuts roasting on an open fire


vixen’s velvet cake              

classic red velvet cake with a hint of cocoa






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