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Almond Biscotti                  

An intensely crunchy sweet cookie taste with topnotes of almonds


Almond Cookie                    

Sweet Almond topnote with graham cracker background


Apple Cinnamon French Toast   

Love of apples and cinnamon


Apple Strudel                      

German dessert with warm apples and cinnamon


banana nut bread                  

Reminiscent of the classic banana nut bread


birthday cake                     

Just like the cake without the candles


black Forest cake                

chocolate, cherries and coconut


Blueberry cinnamon crumble   

fresh blueberry pie with a warm cinnamon background


Blueberry creme cheesecake   



Boston Cream                     

thick custard filling in a sponge cake topped with chocolate


bourbon streusel cake           

Rich sweet nutty coffee cake with light bourbon topnotes


Bread Pudding                     

With cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla


Carrot cake                        

Homemade cake with vanilla cream, spices and of course carrots


cherry crumble                   

Sweet cherries sandwiched between layers of oats


chocolate mint cookie          

A cool burst of peppermint


Cinnamon Bun                     

Reminiscent of a cinnamon topped bun


cinnmon coffee cake            

Reminiscent of grandma’s coffee cake


Coffee cake                        

reminiscent of a sweet breakfast cake



vanilla with a touch of butterscotch and graham cracker


cupid’s cherry crumble         

sweet cherries sandwiched between layers of oats


danish pastry                      

like a cinnamon pinwheel


french toast                       

golden maple syrup taste with a touch of cinnamon


german chocolate cake          

a rich chocolate coconut with light berry sauce


Glazed Lemon Cake

With a light citrus flavor


italian celebration cake         

italian birthday cake


jelly donut                         

like biting in to a jelly donut


King’s cake                        

sweet classic vanilla cake with a surprise


pecan sticky bun                 

toasted pecans with lots of cinnamon


pumpkin muffin                   

pumpkin spice in a warm cinnamon muffin


red velvet cake                  

a rich chocolatey southern favorite


salty pretzel                       

not your average cup of joe



chocolate, marshmallow and graham flavors



chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut



cinnamon ,hazelnuts and cream


southern wedding cake         

sweet vanilla and chocolate cake with a touch of almond


strawberry shortcake           

a tiny bit of strawberry with a vanilla cake base


streusel cake                      

a smooth  vanilla with cinnamon nut flavor


sugar cookie                      

buttery sugar cookie



taste of ladyfinger cakes with a dash of espresso, cream cheese and rum


toasted macaroon                

like a toasted coconut cookie


toasted praline                    

toasted pecan sweetened with brown sugar


vanilla cake                       

 Just like it sounds


warm french toast               

rich maple taste with a touch of cinnamon


wedding cake                     

celebration of flavors