This Guys Nuts

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Big Banana                          

chocolate, banana and nuts


Bob’s big banana                 

banana and liittle nuts dripping in chocolate


bundle your nuts                  

brazil, macadamia, hazelnuts bundled in sweetness


burn your nuts                    

roasted almonds burning with chili peppers


cocoa your nuts                 

chocolate coconut


cover your nuts                   

chocolate covered pecans


cow lick

dulce le leche


cream your nuts                  

hazelnuts dipped in vanilla


everybodys nuts                  

a perfect blend of hazelnut, chestnuts and almond


fluff your nuts                    

marshmallow fluff and peanut butter


great in bed                        

breakfast blend unflavored


hey dough boy                    

marshmallow fluff and cookie dough


irish cream gone nuts           

reminiscent of bailey’s irish cream and nuts


jamaican me crazy   ®             

a blend of caramel and vanilla


jamaican me nuts    ®             

a blend of kahlua, caramel and nuts


leprechaun nuts                   

flavors of baileys irish cream and added nuts


lick your nuts                      

licorice and almond


nutty irishman                     

chocolate covered nuts a plenty with an irish flare



 just what it says


play with your nuts              

mix of fruit and coconuts playing together


protect your nuts                 

almonds and coconut encased in fudge


rain forest gone nuts           

brazil nuts covered in vanilla and caramel


roast your nuts                   

roasted almonds


shake your nuts                  

hawaiian macadamia nuts, coconut and pineapple


show-em your nuts             

chocolate dipped banana rolling in nuts


slippery nipple                    

sweet caramelized sugar and sweetened condensed milk


string up your nuts              

almonds entwined in vanilla


think’n about hazel             

hazelnut oozing with cream


tickle your nuts                   

hazelnut cream feathered with cinnamon


toasted chestnut                  

chestnuts roasting on an open fire


totally nuts                       

 a blend of hazelnuts, chestnuts and almond


wash your nuts                    

crisp pecans showering in cinnamon, bathing in rum


your nuts are sticky             

pecan sticky bun


your nuts gone south           

southern pecan


your nuts in ireland              

nuts, baileys and cream


® Flavor Dynamics